Farewell Tour of an Eternal Optimist with John Young

Tue, Jun 15, 2021, 1:00 PM UTC

John Young


Join author John Young as he introduces his novel, Farewell Tour of an Eternal Optimist. The story takes the reader on a thrilling journey across Scotland through the eyes of young cancer sufferer Connor Lambert. The very boy who tormented him at school, known as Skeates, accompanies him. They go from hate, to mistrust, to liking each other and ultimately to a point where Connor is relying on Skeates in the end. This is a surprising tale full of excitement, unexpected twists, turns and important life messages throughout. However, this is also a novel inspired by the tragic illness and death of John’s own daughter. In this event he talks of how living through loss and trauma gave him hope, action and creativity. John will be talking live and there will be plenty of opportunity to interact via the chat function to ask questions.