A Secret Diary of the First World War with Gill Arbuthnott and Darren Gate

Tue, Jun 15, 2021, 10:00 AM UTC

Gill Arbuthnott

Darren Gate

Event available only at the scheduled time.


What was the First World War really like? Step into the boots of 14-year-old soldier James Marchbank and find out. Why was rat hunting a popular hobby in the trenches? How did parachuting pigeons help win the war? Why would a really good friend rub whale oil on your feet? What did it feel like to be a teenager at war? Inspired by the real-life diary of a Scottish boy soldier, former teacher and award-winning author Gill Arbuthnott creates a fact-tastic account of the First World War, which is both fun and emotionally engaging. Gill will be joined by the book’s illustrator, Darren Gate for a creative event of diary writing and illustration.


Features for Teachers: The First World War